We are activist who fight against the corporate power structure. We are revolutionaries who serve on the front-lines of our perspective cities, (Detroit, St. Louis and Kansas City) canvasing and petitioning for such issues as Local Control of the St. Louis City Police Dept. and the implementation of article XXVII to the city’s charter. Our ultimate mission is to remove the power of international bankers and corporations and place it in the hands of the people of the world. To do this we intend to mass educate and rouse the people to the evils and atrociousness of capitalism through our apparel. Not only do we want to “Rok The Konversation”, we want to terminally “Rok” the foundation of our individual and incentive (not communal and need) driven capitalist society and economy. We are a clothing company, but we are an organization. An organization of young, passionate, hard-working people, dedicated to providing an equal and fruitful future to our children…Did I mention we make clothes.


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The Real Reasons Why the Government Shut Down

When the government shuts down, the politicians pipe up.No sooner had a midnight deadline passed without congressional action on a must-pass spending bill than lawmakers launched their time-honored competition over who gets the blame for their collective failure. The Senate floor became a staging ground for dueling speeches early Saturday morning, and lawmakers of both…

via The Real Reasons Why the Government Shut Down — The Atlantic

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